Frequently Asked Questions

Why are so many windows being opened?

As you can see, this help page information opened in a new browser window.

If you have not worked with multiple browser windows before, this can seem complicated and confusing. However, there is a reason for the extra windows. They are intended to make Happy Fun Communication Land easier to use.

In some situations, particularly when the reader is working his or her way through a long document (as in the HFCL tutorials), it makes sense to open a new link in a new window. In this way, the reader does not lose his or her place in the original document. When the reader is finished with the material found at the new link, he or she can close the window and continue with the main document.

In the tutorial section all links open in other windows. However, there will only be one of each type open at one time. For example, there is one window for questions, so if you have an question window open and click on another question, the new question will replace the old one in the "question" window. From within a tutorial, citations, examples, focus articles and notes will work this way, too.

What is the purple "compass" directory button for?

The HFCL Directory window is designed to make it easier for readers to navigate among the HFCL Glossary, Question, Tutorial, Focus and Citation sections. To use the Directory open it, resize it to a height and width that seems comfortable, and leave it open. Whenever you need to go to the front page of an HFCL section, select the Directory window and choose the section. Your browser will open that section in a new window.