Frquently Asked Questions (FAQ)

directoryThe directory page organizes all of the HFCL buttons listed on this page for easy access. When a button on the directory page is clicked, it presents the requested information in a new window.

glossary The glossary section provides brief descriptions and definitions of terms used in the study of communication as well as links to tutorials and focus segments within HFCL and internet sites outside of HFCL. The Glossary provides a search engine, and it also serves as an alphabetical index to HFCL documents.

tutorial Each tutorial provides a short introduction to a particular communication topic. The tutorials include links to examples, questions, and detailed focus segments on related topics.

focus index Focus sections provide detailed discussion of various communication topics. Focus segments can be reaced via the Glossary and also from within HFCL tutorials.

bibliography The citation section provides bibliographic data and internet links for citations made within HFCL documents.

questions The questions site is a compilation of interesting questions and project ideas that are associated with the information presented in the HFCL tutorial and focus sections.

wmc disclaimer The Comments, Copyright, Contract and WMC Disclaimer page lists the conditions governing the use of Happy Fun Communication Land.

hfcl home pageInformation on how to use Happy Fun Communication Land and on how to submit materials to be included in HFCL is found on the Home Page.